Beermosa 7.5%

STYLE – Wheat Beer with Oranges, Grapes, and Strawberries

DESCRIPTION – Brewed in collaboration with Kali Coutour & The Legends of Lovedrafts!

The perfect fit for Kali’s 1st Year Anniversary of bringing you the most amazing drag brunch in Central PA! To celebrate we brewed a monstrously strong beer with white grape purée to mimic champagne, nearly 400 pounds of Orange puree and a splash of Strawberry for good measure. Only the finest for our finest!

MALTS - 2 Row Malt, Wheat Malt

HOPS - Citra

FUN STUFF - Blood Orange Puree, Orange Puree, White Grape Puree, Strawberry Puree

PRICE – $7 Pint TO GO $22 4-Pack (16oz cans)