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Sunglasses After Dark 5.2%

Feelin Easy #2 Sour Ale w/ Strawberry Brewed at Lovedraft's Brewing Co In Mechanicsburg Pennsylvania Perched in front of several pinball and arcade machines at the Lovedraft's brewhouse
Sunglasses After Dark - Dark Lager brewed in association with the Lancaster Brewers Club at Lovedraft's Brewing Co in Central PA

STYLE – Dark Lager

DESCRIPTION – Roasty with a caramel like body and a clean finish, lagered a full 3 months and naturally carbonated

MALTS – Pilsner Malt, Vienna Malt, Munich Malt, Carabohemian Malt, Carafa 1 Malt, Caramunich 3

HOPS – Spalt Select

PRICE – $6 Pint

TO GO $18 4-Pack (16oz cans)


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