Thai'd + Beaten 7%

Feelin Easy #2 Sour Ale w/ Strawberry Brewed at Lovedraft's Brewing Co In Mechanicsburg Pennsylvania Perched in front of several pinball and arcade machines at the Lovedraft's brewhouse

STYLE –Thai-inspired IPA

DESCRIPTION – Fragrant notes of coconut and lime, hints of lemon, and a faint lingering of something else. Balanced and subtle. This beer begs to be paired with seafood. Try it with our Charred Cthulhu or Dagon tacos

EXTRA FUN INGREDIENTS - Coconut, Thai Lime Leaves, Fresh Lemongrass, Ginger, Thai Chili Peppers

MALTS – 2-Row Malt, Malted Oats, Wheat Malt

HOPS – Idaho 7, Citra, Motueka

PRICE – $6 Pint