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The Gospels of Degeneration 11%

STYLE – Barrel Aged Stock Ale

DESCRIPTION – Brewed in celebration of our first year!!

Laid to rest in barrels for just over 8 months, a blend of Malbec Wine, Brown Sugar Rum and Basil Hayden Bourbon barrels to be exact. Brewed from a heavy, dark base and infused with malt and Pork bones from our own smokers. Yup, we smoked 20 pounds of Pork bones then boiled them along with the beer creating an undeniable umami that compliments a beer of this structure. After all of that, I added the final kiss of Tahitian Vanilla beans before we put this beast into kegs and bottles. Rich, fruity and oh so decadent. Brimming with notes of wet barrel, chocolate covered cherries, burnt marshmallows and warming spirits topped with a caramel swirl. Cheers to our first year!!

MALTS – Golden Promise Malt, Munich Malt, Crystal T-50, Malted Oats, Brown Malt, Crystal DRC

HOPS – Bravo

EXTRA RIDICULOUSNESS - House Smoked Pork Bones, House Smoked Munich Malt

PRICE – $6 Pint

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